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Roofing SPECIALISTS Hertfordshire

Reputable Roofing Specialist in Hertfordshire, delivering reliable, high quality, attractive and flat roofing installations.

Cardinal Flat Roofing bring you peace of mind with our professional roofing services including: felt roofing, asphalt roofs, lead roofing, single ply membranes and more.

The Right Roofing Contractor for Your Roof

Roofing Contractors Hertfordshire
Roofing Contractor Hertfordshire
Roofing Contractor Hertfordshire
Roofing Contractor Hertfordshire
Roofing Contractor Hertfordshire
Roofing Contractor Hertfordshire
Roofing Contractor Hertfordshire

Over 20 years experience providing the very best flat roofing and roof waterproofing

Utilising over 20 years’  roofing experience, we offer domestic and commercial customers from Hertfordshire and Essex the finest in flat roofing supply, installation, maintenance and repairs.

We take pride in the quality of our flat roofing work. We use only the finest materials and equipment and every product we install, from felt roofing and single ply membranes to slating and tiling, is guaranteed to provide reliable and effective property protection for many years to come.

We don’t stop at only the installation of your flat, green roofs or lead roofing; we also provide a full roof waterproofing and repair service that ensures you are able to go throughout your day without the worry of leakage or further damage to your property.

Our team will work quickly and efficiently to provide the best liquid applied membrane for your roof waterproofing which in turn gives you a stable and durable roof, no matter what it takes.

Roofing Contractor Hertfordshire

Working for clients across Haringey, Edgware, Hackney, Harlow, Kensington and the rest of London, we provide a comprehensive range of asphalt, lead and flat roofing options, including:

Highly Trained and Professional Roofing Contractors Hertfordshire

flat roofing guarantee

Our reputation for high quality flat roofing installations is down to the skills and expertise of our highly qualified roofers and the exceptional materials we use. This is a testament to the strong relationships we have built with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, enabling us to provide you with reliable and attractive roofing products at very affordable prices.

For your peace of mind, we offer a ten year insurance guarantee on all flat roof systems that we supply and install across London, from asphalt and felt to single-ply membranes roofing, as well as a twenty-year guarantees on selected systems, guaranteeing you absolute quality and reliability.

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The biggest factor to consider is the quality of materials used and the workmanship. We have built a strong reputation because we only use premium materials which means your new roof will last. We are trusted by the industries leading suppliers and certified as well as being a Which? Trusted Trader. If you choose Cardinal Flat Roofing we’ll deliver a final project of the highest standards – it’s what we are known for.

All of the systems we use are of high quality and come between 10-25 years warranty. The real question is, “Which is the best roofing system for my roof?”, as it’s the roof that choses the system, depending on detailing, fire risk if using hot application, if the roof is to be used as a fully trafficable area etc. we will advise on the best products available for your particular roof upon survey to ensure you have a long lasting weather tight roof and as installers of various roofing systems, we promise you will get impartial advice on the most comprehensive and safest system to install on your property.

We cannot guarantee roof repairs when the original roof has been installed by others or is out of warranty. We will endeavour to catch the leak first time and always make a secondary visit for free if unsuccessful but sometimes further work is needed to find the true source of some leaks.

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